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A Warm and Personal Church in Hamilton

Our Services

Morning Service and Sunday School

Prayer Meeting
(Contact to confirm venue)

Grace Evangelical Church

We are a fellowship of Christian believers who meet to:

Encourage and support one another in our Christian lives,

Seek to make known the Lord Jesus Christ by faithfully proclaiming His gospel.

Our Location

Bankwood Primary School
154-158 Bankwood Road, Hamilton, NZ

Pastor Kevin Gore
07 856 7118

About Grace Evangelical Church in Hamilton

Grace Evangelical Church in HamiltonOur Identity?

Grace Evangelical Church is an evangelical Christian Church based in Hamilton. Our basis is the whole-hearted commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour, and to the Bible as God’s spoken Word.

Why Grace?

The word “Grace” in our name means that as Christian believers we recognise that our relationship with God is entirely the result of His free grace and mercy. We rejoice in a loving God who has made our hearts to glow with warmth and thankfulness to Him for the wonderful blessings which He has abundantly given us.

Why Evangelical?

An “evangelical church” believes that the Christian faith if based on four critical points. The Bible alone. By grace alone. Through faith alone. For the glory of God alone.
We then, are an evangelical church, because we preach and teach that it is by God’s grace that we are saved, through faith in Christ, and even that is not of ourselves, but is a free gift of God. (See Eph 2:6)

Why Church?

We believe that the church is not just a building or programme, but rather it is people.
People whom God loves, and for whom He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die.

If you would like to join our church for worship, prayer or Bible study you are most welcome.


You’re Welcome to Come Along

Our services are open for anyone to attend. You can just turn up on any Sunday.  Or feel free to phone us if you have any questions about our church.

We meet at Bankwood Primary School

154-158 Bankwood Road, Hamilton, 10:30 am on Sundays

Phone: 07 856 7118

Send us a message here

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